Top 20 shows

This is my favorite shows of all time. These are long and short shows. But the last three shows are the best and funniest shows that I’ve seen the episodes for over and over again. I hope you like this blog post. I start from lest from greatest.

20.Bob’s burgers

19.The Muppet show

18.The Grand tour

17.Mystery science theater 3000


15.The it crowd

14.The walking dead

13.Malcom in the middle


11.Doctor Who

10.How I met your mother


8.Gravity Falls


6.Parks and Recreation

5.Stranger Things

4.The series of unfortunate events

3.Arrested Development

2.Flight of the Conchords

1.The Office (U.S.)





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  1. retr0pia75 says:

    Nice list. I kind of wish Alex didn’t decide to end GF as soon as he did, but then again it is his show after all.

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    1. Do you have a top movie list? You should make one and look at my top 60 movie list if you haven’t already.

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      1. retr0pia75 says:

        Well, I’m currently making a series of articles ranking the Pixar films from worst to best, but a top movie list is a good idea. It probably won’t happen for a good while, though. I’m occupied enough at the moment.

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      2. I’ve read you first three pixar ranking blogs, I don’t agree with Brave, but it’s your opinion and you had some good points. I’ve just updated my pixar post and now it includes my ranked pixar movies. I hope you read it and agree with some of the stuff I said. Thanks for taking with me.

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